2018 Programme

    Date                                          Activity                                                                         
Mon Feb 5th                         Mist Netting   
Fri Mar 9th                           Mist Netting                                                                                            
Sat Apr 14th                         Mist Netting                                                                        
Wed May 9th                        Mist Netting                                                                                            
Sat Jun 16th                          Mist Netting                                                                                               
Fri Jul  6th                             Mist Netting                                                                       
Sat Aug  11th                        Mist Netting                                     
Sat Sep 1st                            Mist Netting                                   
Sat Oct  13th                         Mist Netting                                                                       
Mon Nov 5th                        Mist Netting                                                                                   

NB The above programme lists the main public sessions during the year, but there may be opportunities at other times to catch birds. Members will be informed of these.  In particular dates for cannon netting of Shelduck on the Axe Estuary and of Wigeon on the Otter Estuary will be circulated to members nearer the time (though the Otter sessions have now been programmed).  This is a change from previous practice to allow flexibility in catching.  Shelduck catches will now be processed near the catching site at Seaton Marshes.

1. All sessions start at the Discovery Hut, unless stated otherwise.

2. Start time will be announced close to the date and sessions usually extend (except for cannon- net catches) into the early afternoon.

3. Dates may change with short notice depending on weather conditions, so members are advised to check that the session is still proceeding.

4. Non-members may attend sessions, but are requested to make a donation towards costs of rings, etc.